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Stephanie Georgopulos writes about tech, pop culture, beauty, and more.

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How Twitter Would Have Changed 90s Television

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An Imagined Date With Benjamin Franklin, If He Were Alive Today

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How To Drink Like An Adult

Branded content for Patron.

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5 Beautiful Places To Spend Time Online

Branded content for the Acura ILX

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Change Your Monday Into Funday: An Hour By Hour Guide

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A Local's Guide To Some Of The Best Brunch Spots In NYC

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How To Grow Up When You Don't Really Want To

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Shopping Is My New Sick Day Activity

Sponsored content for by Visa

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5 Digital Artists Using Photoshop To Create Mindblowing Art

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The Different Types Of Apartments There Are

Branded content for Chevy Volt.

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Intel, W Hotels & Roman Coppola Make Short Films, Vol. 4

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Why We Choose 'The Circle': Google+

Facebook is a PC. It's been around so long, we all know how to use it, it's like the raggedy but comfortable robe we wear on weekends and refuse to throw out. But Google+? Google+ is Apple. It's cl...

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Biracial Girl Problems | Thought Catalog

Race is like gender – most of the time, people see it and assume how one identifies. Black woman. White man. Hispanic child. Anyone who’s biracial or struggles with his or her gender identity knows...

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Dewar's And TED Partner To Make Beautiful Music Together

Sponsored by Dewar’s.

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A Guide to Writing the Most Generic OkCupid Profile Ever | Thought ...

My Self- Summary: I hate writing these things/I suck at describing myself/I am not at all good at this but here goes nothing… I’m an easygoing guy. I love a challenge/adventure/good movie. My frien...