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Open uri20130909 21725 73n089 article
The Next Web

The regression of Facebook trends [aka why we love Twitter] - The ...

Every notable social network enjoys a couple years of dominance before it’s cast off into the shadows to make room for “The Next Big Thing.” Friendster held it down from 2002 ...

Open uri20130323 9267 1vwngsm article
The Next Web

500 Startups' Demo Day comes to New York City - The Next Web

Allow me to speak for all New Yorkers when I say we expect our friends from the west coast to be comparatively laid back. They serve as our reminder that it’s okay to occasionally ...

Stringio article
The Next Web

A Lesson in Twitter Etiquette

Earlier this week, Jessica Pressler of NY Mag tweeted, “I just Tweeted in my head, or had what they used to call, ‘a thought.’" While hilarious, it's a poignant observation. ...

Open uri20130323 9267 xkjcnx article
The Next Web

Celebrities Who Fail at Twitter - TNW Social Media

Celebrities. They’re good looking, talented, rich – seemingly, they have it all. Aside from any semblance of social media prowess, that is. Most celebrities who attempt to cultivate ...

Open uri20130323 9267 11odom2 article
The Next Web

The Etiquette of BBM aka

A few months back, my then-boyfriend (an iPhone user) received a pitch from a casting agent he knew. The agent was looking to interview people about how they use BlackBerry Messenger ...

Open uri20130323 9267 db8wo5 article
The Next Web

Dating online: How do you choose which site is for you? - TNW ...

Jumping into the online dating pool is overwhelming for a noob. The Internet dating virgin will hem and haw at the prospect of resorting to seeking mates through a series of filters ...

Open uri20130323 9267 u9hews article
The Next Web

Early birds, early adopters: The best seniors on Twitter - The Next Web

First, there was Sh*t My Dad Says. Then, there was Old Man Search. Twitter seems to be the place where the musings of seniors go to die. And I say that respectfully. While the aforementioned ...

Open uri20130323 9267 1iinifo article
The Next Web

Eventbrite announces its new iPad app that will revolutionize ticket ...

To kick off this week's big event, Internet Week in New York City, the Eventbrite team announced the release of Eventbrite At The Door, a groundbreaking iPad app that gives event attendees ...

Open uri20130323 9267 wfh5lw article
The Next Web

Five years from now, there'll be no such thing as a webpage - Industry

Every time Facebook changes its interface, an outcry erupts in my News Feed. Without fail, my network transforms into a village and Mark Zuckerberg is our Frankenstein. Minor tweaks ...

Open uri20130323 9267 pzg30m article
The Next Web

Internet Week in New York City: Three exhibits you can't miss - The ...

As spring melts into summer, there’s been much discussion around New York City’s blossoming tech scene and you can feel the energy in the air as you walk through Union Square. This ...

Open uri20130323 9267 2j0np5 article
The Next Web

May: Month of the Internet Rapture - TNW Social Media

While the looming “Judgment Day” has dominated the news, the Internet has been experiencing its own month-long Rapture. We’ve seen promising new sites like Scoville and Empire ...

Open uri20130323 9267 qoose5 article
The Next Web

Oops! Facebook Accidentally Resets Email Settings - TNW Social ...

Have you experienced tinnitus these past 24 hours due to your smartphone notifying you of an uncharacteristic barrage of emails? It’s not because your social worth has suddenly skyrocketed ...

Open uri20130323 3437 1m86iej article
The Next Web

The Greatest Facebook Apps We Loved and Lost - The Next Web

Somewhere in between .edu email addresses and the advent of Farmville was Facebook’s Golden Age: a time when your Saturday morning phone call with Grandma didn’t include a photo ...

Open uri20130323 9267 1e38qlg article
The Next Web

The Science of Sharing - Social Media

T. and F. They don’t stand for ‘true’ or ‘false’ anymore. They stand for Twitter and Facebook. They’re in the corner of every webpage we visit, alongside ‘in’ for LinkedIn, ...

Open uri20130323 9267 13jo1nl article
The Next Web

Use your social network for good and win tickets to the Black Eyed ...

BroadCause, the largest cause awareness platform announced today that, in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the Robin Hood Foundation, they’ll be giving away tickets to ...