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Stephanie Georgopulos writes about tech, pop culture, beauty, and more.

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My Life Scoop

4 Ridiculous and Hysterical iPhone Apps

The iPhone app store is vast and intimidating — like WalMart, but dorkier. I’m not sure these four apps will do anything to improve your quality of life, but they will give you something to talk about...

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My Life Scoop

5 Apps That Make Dating Easier

While our forefathers (or regular fathers) struggle to understand the science behind — and the appeal of — Angry Birds, our generation has tech prowess on lockdown. And thank goodness. Can you imagine...

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My Life Scoop

6 Life-Changing Music Apps - LifeScoop

There are endless ways to kill time on the Internet, but we can all agree that discovering new music is never a waste of a time. After all, it’s music. It makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel… whatever...